what to wear for horse riding

What to Wear for Horse Riding

Being comfortable when you are learning to ride is important – if you wear the wrong kind of clothes it can make it a wholly uncomfortable experience.

  • Jodpurs: Jodpurs are pants that are both comfortable and flexible, and allow you to feel the horse’s movements, and so you can move yourself. If you don’t have jodpurs, you should wear jeggings, and avoid leggings and jeans which don’t provide the protection you need.
  • Shirt: If it is cold outside, you should wear a couple layers. It is a good idea to avoid wearing any loose clothing, as the flapping sound can spook the horse.
  • Riding boots: It is important to wear riding boots that have a small heel to keep your feet in the stirrups and a small amount of grip, however, nothing that is too chunky to fit in to the stirrup.
  • Headgear: Before you start riding, you should purchase a riding hat or helmet. This will give you protection should you fall off of the horse or if you are thrown off.